“Quickly, bring me a beaker of wine, so that I may wet my mind and say something clever."Aristophanes

Bringing Tastes to Taste Together!

J C  W i n e

Contact Us at Jclaudwine@gmail.com   (585) 217-2392   207 Tremont Street, Door #2,

Rochester, New York 14608

JC Wine is your Full Service Wine Outsource & Product Placement Professionals with over 10 years representing local, regional, and international wines.  We specialize in developing new and innovative avenues for introducing your wine products to vibrant and emerging markets, while progressively expanding your market share and product identity.

                                               We are a boutique wine brokerage company, based in Rochester, New York,

                                                dedicated to developing and promoting a selective, diverse and balanced

                                                portfolio of wineries that produce exceptional, appealing, and companionable


                                                JC Wine!  Let Us Develop That Market For You!

                                       JC Wine!  Bringing Tastes to Taste Together!