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We are available to host Private Parties & Wine Tasting Events for select groups.  We provide a unique opportunity to entertain and celebrate while bringing Tastes to Taste with friends...Together!

We provide a wide variety of custom designed tasting events to suit your style, budget, and atmosphere!  We provide "Pop-up" bars as an addition to event, themed wine tastings, private and corporate tastings, as well as private intimate tasting events.

No matter your occasion, no matter your setting, we can enhance your tasting experience and bring a touch of "Taste" to your event!

                   JC Wine!  

Bringing Tastes to Taste Together!

We also offer...

      New Market Development

      Custom Designed Delivery Programs

      Outsource & Product Placement


      On-Premise Wine Tasting

      Promotions & Special Events

      Industry Trade Shows

      Charity and Community Based Events

      Demographic Research and Polling

      Forecasting and Event Staging

We are a boutique wine brokerage company, based in Rochester, NY, dedicated to developing and promoting a selective, diverse and balanced portfolio of wineries that produce exceptional, appealing, and companionable wines.

We have collaborated and have partnered with wineries

such as Atwater Estate Vineyards, Heron Hill Wine Cellars,

Fox Run Vineyards, Leidenfrost Vineyards, Glenora

Wine Cellars, Victorianbourg Wine Estate,

Eagle Crest Vineyards, Pompous Ass Winery,

Midnight Run Wine Cellars, Inspire Moore Winery,

and Billsboro Winery.  We have worked in tandem with

such distributors as Elmira Distributing Co,. Empire Merchants North, Opici Wine Company of New York, Southern Wine & Spirits, and Symphony Importers of New York, among many others who consider us the best!

JC Wine!  Let us develop that new market for you! 

JC Wine! Bringing Taste to Taste Togeher